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After-hours dental emergency?

We are OPEN every day until 12am, 7 days a week.

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Emergencies happen...

Imagine it's 10pm and you feel the sudden onset of a severe toothache.


What if instead of spending hours in a hospital emergency room, you could be treated quickly by a dentist trained in emergency dental care?​

We offer emergency dental appointments at our office until 12am, 7 days a week.

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Chipped Tooth

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Knocked-Out Tooth

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Lost Crown/Filling

Homepage Icon 5 - Kids Emergency.png

Kids Emergency

Homepage Icon 6 - Ortho Emergency.png

Ortho Emergency

Homepage Icon 7 - Time Sensitive Dental Work.png

Time Sensitive Work

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Other Emergencies

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Our Promise

Our focus is on reducing your pain and discomfort with after-hours dental care when you need it most. We help you avoid visits to a busy emergency room and late-night calls to your dentist.

We are your same day dentist ready to help with any emergency dental services you need.

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We respond to every call, day or night

Our Promise Icon 2 - We find the quickest way to relieve your pain.png

We find the quickest way to relieve your pain

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We provide a report to your regular dentist

We’re not your regular dentist
(and we don’t want to be)

Our highly trained dentists are here for you.

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So you can get advice right away

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In Person:

​With offices across the Toronto area

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Even Late at Night:

​Until 12 a.m. 7 days a week

"I wanted to express my appreciation & admiration for the wonderful service your clinic provides – especially during a pandemic!
I was moved by your professionalism, kindness, and flexibility.  I lost a major filling while dealing with a family crisis, and you were able to fit me in immediately. Thank you so much!"

Jenny B.

For Patients

We can help you with your dental emergency or an emergency related question.

For Dentists

We are dentists with a new solution for dentists and healthcare providers.

EmergDENT Management GP Inc. is committed to ensuring equal access and participation for people with disabilities. We are committed to treating people with disabilities in a way that allows them to maintain their dignity and independence.

We believe in integration, and we are committed to meeting the needs of people with disabilities in a timely manner. We will do so by removing and preventing barriers to accessibility and by meeting our accessibility requirements under Ontario’s accessibility laws. 

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