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We had an idea.

What if there was a better way to treat dental emergencies?

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Our Story

Our story starts with a familiar problem: What do you do when you have a dental emergency, especially at night or on the weekend?

As dentists, we hear this all the time.  A patient knocks out a tooth or feels dental pain and ends up spending hours waiting in the emergency room, only to be given some painkillers and sent home.  We know our patients are frustrated with this temporary “fix”.

Dr. John Guido recognized this problem. As a Toronto dentist for 30 years, he experienced for himself how an after-hours emergency isn’t just a patient’s nightmare… it’s their dentist’s nightmare, too. When offices are closed, there is a shortage of high-quality dental care.

That’s where EmergDENT comes in. Dr. Guido, along with his partners started EmergDENT with an intense focus on helping both the patient and the patient’s dentist. 

We’re not another franchise coming into your neighborhood. We’re your partner—a group of dedicated dentists who will work with you to improve dental care for your community and provide peace of mind for dentists and patients alike.


We stay open until 12 a.m. every day, offering emergency dental care and after-hours service for people who need it most.


We collaborate with a network of local dentists who refer patients to our care on nights and weekends, when their own offices aren’t open.


We close the loop with detailed updates from the patient’s visit. We also connect new patients with a regular dentist for the first time if they need.

"I wanted to express my appreciation & admiration for the wonderful service your clinic provides – especially during a pandemic!
I was moved by your professionalism, kindness, and flexibility.  I lost a major filling while dealing with a family crisis, and you were able to fit me in immediately. Thank you so much!"

Jenny B.


Join Us

EmergDENT is here to work with dentists, not to compete with dentists.


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Let our team help get your emergency treated as quickly as possible.

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