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We help patients—and dentists.

EmergDENT is here to work with dentists, not to compete with dentists.

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Want to join the EmergDENT network?

We’re a team of dentists giving top-notch care to patients with the toughest and most urgent cases—after regular hours. Join us today.

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Refer to our dentists for after-hours emergency care, and we’ll give referrals back to you.

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Work with us part-time or full-time, and you can learn from the best and earn a great income.

Key Benefits for Associates

Working for EmergDENT is different from a regular dental practice:

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Clinical Experience:

Build your expertise in high-impact work.

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High Financial Return:

No hygiene checks.

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Work with our team to improve your skills.

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Less Stress:

Reduced management workload and less stress for you.

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Lifestyle Hours:

We offer lifestyle-friendly hours to our employees.

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Continuing Education:

Strong curriculum to help you become a better dentist.

Key Benefits for Practice Owners

EmergDENT offers multiple benefits to practice owners who are part of our network.

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New Patients:

Many of our patients currently do not have a dentist, and we can refer them to you for ongoing care.

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Patient Retention Protection:

Our 365 days-a-year after-hours coverage makes sure that your patients will not be let down.

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Clinical & Business CE:

Members are invited to participate in our continuing education program and have access to our team of local dental specialists.

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Patient Satisfaction:

EmergDENT has your back in difficult situations, to keep your patients happy and at ease.

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Don’t Practice Alone:

By joining our network, you get to practice with other like minded dentists and dental specialists to help improve patient care.

"My experience with EmergDENT has been amazing. They covered for me while my office was closed and treated the patient’s immediate problem. The patients are always happy when they return to my office which helps me build trust and confidence for my practice. EmergDENT is a reliable and capable Partner!"

Dr. Kal Khaled

Become a part of our team

If you are a dentist looking to expand your skills or your practice, join our team of highly experienced dentists.


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